About us

Poultry Association of Nigeria, Enugu State (ENUPAN) was established as an association of persons and organizations concerned with poultry farming and management in Enugu state.

Mission Statement

Engineering drive towards fostering, increasing and assisting to improve productivity in poultry farming and the industry to the mutual advantage of members and the society


  • To establish and maintain an association for persons an organizations concerned with and interested in poultry farming, management and industry in Nigeria.
  • To foster,expand production and improve the efficiency and productivity of poultry farming and the industry to the mutual advantage of members of the association and consumers.
  • To establish good relationships among all members and protect the interests of the association and give members or employees all such assistance as is possible.
  • To monitor all legislative, administrative and fiscal measures which may directly or indirectly affect the interests of the poultry industry
  • To provide information to its members and to the public in general on matters pertaining to poultry generally by such means as publications ,conferences workshops,exhibitions,etc.
  • To provide facilities for and engage in the study of any enquiry and research into poultry diseases,drugs,feeds and quality standards and all poultry problems generally and make known the result of such enquiry, examinations and research by publishing same through the appropriate media.